Christian Divorce?

In a desperate attempt to make up for the fact that this blog ostracizes divorced people, I  am declaring National Hug-A-Divorced-Person Day.

Also, more importantly, I present to you a guest blogger: My sister!

Hey friends! First of all I want to thank my baby sister for inviting me to be her very first guest blogger (and also for teaching me how to use coloured font!!) For me it really is an honour because for any of you who know us personally while it is me who usually has the most to say, it is mostly my sister who says the things really worth listening to. (please don’t edit that part out Mecca Becca).

Just so you know, I have a blog of my own and I get to write whenever I want about whatever I want. But as a guest blogger I feel if I want to be invited back I need to keep in tune with the ‘theme’ of this blog which originally I thought was relationships which would be perfect because I have always considered myself the much older and wiser sister when it comes to ‘relationships’ but then I checked back to her original blog…


Awesome. As the owner of a divorce certificate I had to wonder what I could bring to the blog table other than my failed marriage. And sadly… there are a lot of churches and ‘religious’ folk who would feel the same way.

So I left my husband after 7 years of marriage. *gasp* Trust me, there is nothing I have not heard about about this treacherous act that would surprise me. I once heard that you find out who your friends are when it comes to moving day but I beg to differ… you find out who your friends are when you get a divorce. Or, you will find out who is the most holy in the whole church because you know for fact they have never, ever, been divorced.

But I digress (that’s pretty much the theme for my own blog)… During this 7 years of marriage I was head over heels in love. Almost to the point of it being embarrassing really. And sadly, he was just not head over heels in love with me. So long, long story short… The Big D. Remember a few months ago Becca Chase blogged about divorce in her ‘Truth, CAPS LOCK and BP’ blog?

Christians aren’t supposed to talk about the ‘d’ word. But for me, divorce is very real, very present, looming, always near. Like Santa.  I have no reason to be thinking about it in the context of my own marriage, but *metaphor callback* it seems like the debris from the ‘divorce tributary’ is CONSTANTLY polluting my waters.

What stands out for me is the first part… Christians aren’t supposed to talk about the ‘d’ word. I know she is being facetious but I totally get the point she is trying to make. Yes, God hates divorce. Hates it! And trust me, as a Christian, it took me a LONG time to get over the fact that I was going to have to live as a ‘Christian divorcee’ almost more than the divorce itself.

Yeah, being divorced sucks. It can be messy and ugly and nobody ever gets out unwounded.

But you know what? Being divorced doesn’t define me. It isn’t who I am.

It’s just one of the things about me.

**From Rebecca: In the midst of my sister’s divorce she managed to become pretty much the best nurse ever.  So yeah. She’s pretty awesome.  Visit her blog to read about her life and her loves.


3 thoughts on “Christian Divorce?

  1. Hi there. I came across your blog through a friends blog. I am a person who has gone through it and so has my wife. Divorce is taboo subject because people refuse to study the theology behind it. They are use to hearing what people tell them vs looking themselves. I think people would be surprised what they could find if they looked. My wife recently posted a blog on divorce. You can find it here if you wish:
    Our prayers our with you and know that you can come out great on the other side.

  2. Thank you for your honesty. May the Lord bless you both (sisters are the best, I know mine is!) as you minister in His love. Oh, and please accept my ‘cyber-hug’.

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