A Few Reasons

I love my kids, I really do. My two kids. Only two. If you read my previous post, you’ll know I’m pretty adamant about being done at two. Here’s a tiny glimpse into my reasoning.

CAUTION: This post contains disturbing images.

Like poop and stuff. Mostly poop. I take pictures of poop. And post them for your enjoyment. You’re welcome.


1. Poop.


This was Ellie’s. It’s green you guys. And it happened as she was bouncing happily in her exersaucer. You can see her little foot prints in there.


IMG_3778IMG_3775PERMANENT marker. Don’t let Pinterest convince you that there are ways to remove PERMANENT marker from walls. It’s all lies. Lies that play on the hopes of tired moms. This is cheap builder’s grade paint. I have scrubbed the paint off but the marker holds firm. PERMANENT.

3. More Poop.

IMG_9058It never ends. It’s always coming out of somewhere. This is a photo I texted to Chris while he was at work. Sometimes he just needs a reminder of what I’m dealing with here at home.

4. Powder bath.

IMG_3718 IMG_3720Ok, here’s my confession. I knew this was happening. Liam was maybe a month old. He was sleeping in the bassinet beside me in our bedroom. Ellie was down the hall in Liam’s bedroom (and in all her glory) and I could smell the powder. I didn’t care. I wasn’t leaving my room let alone my bed. I just sat there in a daze. Luckily, daddy snapped a few pics before he cleaned it up.

5. This.


This pic makes my heart beat really fast. But I will say this: when siblings work together there’s nothing they can’t do. It’s awe-inspiring and awful all at once. I instagrammed this pic one day, but here’s another confession you guys, they do this to my house every. single. day.

6. Grey.


Oh, you guys. I just cannot even. This is my hair. For real. It would maybe be okay if I had, you know, those cool grey streaks that some people have in their bangs or at their temple. Like Rogue from Xmen. But this is just-ugh. I blame my children… especially the boy. Because he is a boy. I whined to Chris about this the other day and he said ‘I think it’s beautiful. It’s awesome.’ This from the guy who also thinks his beard is awesome.


7 thoughts on “A Few Reasons

  1. This is simply incredible. I really enjoy your transparency and the fact I know you are truly being yourself in your posts. Keep it up, you and Chris have an incredible ability to connect to your readers.

    Oh and the beard is awesome, but in a whole other spectrum of reality.

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