So I Wrote A Song Last Week…

Psalm 23, from The Voice translation
The Eternal One is my Shepherd, He cares for me always.
He provides me rest in rich, green fields
besides streams of refreshing water.
He soothes my fears;
He makes me whole again,
steering me off worn, hard paths to roads where truth and righteousness echo His name.
Even in the unending shadow of death’s darkness,
I am not overcome by fear.
Because You are with me in those dark moments,
near with Your protection and guidance,
I am comforted.
You spread out a table for me,
provisions in the midst of attack from my enemies;
You care for all my needs. anointing my head with soothing, fragrant oil,
filling my cup again and again with Your grace.
Certainly Your faithful protection and loving provision will pursue me,
where I go, always, everywhere.
I will always be with the Eternal One,
in Your house forever.

So I wrote a song last week when a very important mom in my life was going through one of the toughest parenting phases of her life. She is still is going through it. When I was praying for her, (because aside from being on the receiving *and sending* side of some text-vents and phone calls, there was and is basically nothing else I can do), I was just asking God to comfort her and give her some peace and rest from the anxiety and worry. And then this song came.

And then I thought about all the other moms in my life who could probably use some comfort and rest. There are a lot of us. More often than not we probably feel like chickens running around a coop rather than sheep grazing lazily in a peaceful meadow. But Jesus called us sheep. And he said he is our shepherd. You have a shepherd. If you think about that-actually meditate on that fact- I think you’ll find it’s some pretty good news. When we feel like the weight of the world is on us, the pressure of raising physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy people, managing our homes, cooking, cleaning, working… it’s just a lot. But you are not alone. You have a shepherd who is watching over you, caring for you, leading you, guiding you.

Let me ruin the moment with a disclaimer… this is just me singing in my bathroom late at night when I was trying not to wake my kids. An earlier attempt at recording this song in my living room while I played my piano ended with my kids rushing in about halfway through, the oldest one yelling ‘Peepee alert! Peepee alert!’ Also, that lovely guitar in the background? Nope, not me. Not anyone actually. I made this song on a magical little app on my iPad called Garage Band. I am basically a producer now. It’s rough people, but as perfect as its gonna get in my house.

So, fellow-mom friends, as they say in the biz(?), this one’s for you.

For you Stacey.
For you Heidi.
For you Rachel.
For you Angie.
For you Taigan.
For you Crystal.

If you’re not a mom or if you’re a man with a beard feel free to listen to0.

You lead the thirsty to the waters
Lift the weary on your shoulders
You mend the wounded and the broken,
Guide the foolish heart that wanders

Your children hear Your voice,
Your children hear Your voice

“Come and lay down
Come and lay down
In greenest pastures
Come and lay down
Come and lay down
By clearest waters”

You are my Shepherd and I shall not want
You are my Shepherd and I shall not want

I will lay down
I will lay down
In greenest pastures
I will lay down
I will lay down
By clearest waters.


5 thoughts on “So I Wrote A Song Last Week…

  1. I love this so much… thank you for the reminder that I have a Shepherd and a sister, who will not leave me xoxo

  2. I remember being a young mum. Your blog is honest and transparent and i love it. Listening to this song over and over. So beautiful. Thank you. Heather comber

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