Because there are brats at the beach.

You know when you’re at the beach and you’ve spent a good 3 hours on the most magnificent sand castle? And it has a mote? And a drawbridge? And seagull feather flags and twig windows? And you’ve even dug a little inlet from the water’s shore all the way to your castle to fill up that mote?

And you’re pretty sure you’re sunburnt but it doesn’t matter because this is the best sandcastle this beach has ever seen. And you head back to your towel to basque in the sun and the glory of the work of your hands.

And then you see them. Running down the beach with no regard for human, animal or plant life. Surely they are not so irreverent as to do what you fear they may.

Somehow you figured because of all the effort and time you put into it yours would go untouched, unscathed, unharmed. You would surely be excused from disaster because of your good intentions.

That’s not how it works. So these are my thoughts on how we build and build again.


I’m a mom of two and a wife of one. I have a horrible mumbling problem and intervention-requiring overuse of metaphors.
I have terrible regard for proper literary method.
I love Jesus. His love is perfect and His grace is undeserved.


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